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Dr Richard McCormick´s NewsLetter

December  2009

The holiday season is now upon us. It is a time for us to take stock of the many blessings that we have in our lives. It is a time to be thankful for our health, for the great country in which we live, for the great connections that we have had this past year, and for the opportunity to forge a more prosperous enriched life in the new year. As I reflect back on the past ten years that Dynamic Health Center has been open, I am reminded of just how fortunate I am to be in this office, in this vocation, and in your lives. It is a blessing to wake up every morning knowing that I get to spend my day with the coolest people in this world. To feel that a positive difference has been made in your life every time you walk into our open doors is one of the greatest gifts that a person can receive. I thank you from the very depths of my heart for giving me the opportunity to assist you on your journey to better health. About the only way my professional life could be better is to serve more Austinites in their pursuit for better health. As you go throughout your days during this holiday season, if you can think of any friends or family members that would benefit by coming to Dynamic Health Center, why not gift them with a referral here? We will do our best to help them get to a higher state of health with more energy, less pain, and greater more natural function.

During the holiday season most people find that their time is compressed, there are more tasks to be accomplished, the weather is colder, the days are shorter, and this time of the year increases stress for many. Here are a few simple reminders that may help you during this season.

1) Get plenty of rest. Most adults require 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Remember that your body does most of its healing during your resting times.
2) Get some sun light. Our body does not produce as much vitamin D during this period so you may want to supplement during the winter months. There are an increasing number of research studies that basically state that Vitamin D is one of the leading immune system boosters. Vitamin D is also critical in helping get calcium into the blood stream. Standard Process manufactures a great vitamin D supplement which we carry in the office. The recommended daily amount is 400-800 IU. However, some recent studies have shown that 2000 IU daily will substantially reduce your chances of catching the flu. Remember that you can take in too much Vitamin D.
3) During this period, our diets can go awry. Do the best that you can to make sure that you are getting adequate amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits. This may help counter balance the additional burden those holiday sweets put on our systems. Allow yourself to enjoy the feasts that families so often prepare. I personally eat stuff in quantities that I would not normally do. I also know that when the holiday season is over, I will put myself on the Standard Process 21 day Detox program and get the balance restored for the rest of the year. You might consider joining me for this annual event. It is a challenge, but you can do anything for 21 days, especially if you know that it will help your body get reset on a healthier path.
4) Go out and have some fun! Do something that brings great joy into your life. As Reader’s Digest states, “Laughter is the best medicine”. Find activities that will increase your laughter- watch funny movies, listen to comedians, read light-hearted literature, go to comedy clubs, or just read a good joke. Then let it out- laugh out loud! Enjoy the humor. Have some fun!
5) Spend some time daily in a quiet period of reflection. Deepak Chopra states that there are many benefits to 15-20 minutes of daily quiet time and the body will be much healthier. Along those same lines, if you can reflect on some of the blessings of the day just before you go to sleep, then you will be more settled and you will wake in a more positive and peaceful state of mind.
6) Move your body. Yes, exercise is most beneficial during the holiday season. Watching football on the television does not count as exercise. Get off the couch and go walk the dog, ride your bike around your neighborhood, walk around looking at the pretty lights, dance, go play golf and walk the course, go snow skiing, or play twister at a party (at least you will be improving your proprioception). If you are going to eat all those wonderful treats, you have to move and make room for them.
7) Keep balance in your life and in your spine. When you are balanced the nervous system sends great messages to your brain which then operates at a much better level. Keeping your spine and all other joints in proper alignment reduces nerve irritation and slows down the degeneration- all good reasons to keep your body adjusted.

Since this is the holiday season, we are making DYNAMIC discount offers.

For the remainder of 2009, I will be offering adjustments for a $30.00 fee. This is a 25% reduction for great health enriching services.

Gayla Harris is offering discounts through the end of January 2010.
Half hour massages purchased individually for $35.00
Hour massages purchased individually for $65.00
Pre-paid packages of 5 half hour massages for $150.00
Pre-paid packages of 3 hour massages for $180.00

Have a very safe, happy, peaceful, and heart-warming holiday season. In this next year, I see greater health for our patients, a growing prosperity in our country, and a greater sense of peace throughout all of the world. If we all do our part to help with the healing of this planet, then there is a greater chance of change occurring. If we are to heal the planet, we must first begin by healing ourselves. Allow Dynamic Health Center to be your first choice for naturally maintaining your good Health.

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