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Philosophy of Care

Our clinic was created to help our clients and their families reach an optimal level of health. We offer chiropractic service to remove subluxations that block the nerve flow and interfere with the body's ability to function normally. Any disruption in the flow leaves the body weakened and out of balance-thus symptoms are present.

Symptoms are signals to the brain that there is tissue damage occurring. When the spine has been aligned properly, the nervous system operates at a higher level and the body's systems are in better balance.

The Physical Therapists in our office are highly skilled in assisting the body to regain that balance: balance in strength, balance in flexibility, and balance in motion. The body's connections are furthered with the use of massage techniques encompassing a range from therapeutic release to relaxation massage. With the body in a relaxed state, the stresses of life are minimized. Reducing stress is a vital element in the healing process.

All of our practitioners coach our clients toward making conscious decisions about their health, from nutrition to exercise to good posture. We believe we can help you live the level of health of which you dream.

We are trained to help you improve your nutrition so that your body has the building blocks to heal and to function at the level at which it was designed. We believe that our body works best with whole food supplementation. Synthetic vitamins do not help the body as well as whole food vitamins. Let us help you develop eating strategies to assure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs. Our nutritious weight loss program will help you reach a better level of health while helping you shed unwanted pounds.

Stress is a key element in managing our health. The better we manage our stress, the healthier we become. Ask us about proven stress reduction techniques to help you learn how to lower your stress levels.

"Health is not a single point in time: good health is part of our journey through life and must be consciously created. Everyone has a personal responsibility to his health and well being."

-Richard McCormick, DC

"Living well is about understanding movement and the natural healing process."

-Gayla Haris, PT,RMT

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